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Need For Human Rights Protection

Before even getting into the debate of whether or not there is a need for human rights protection, we need to see the circumstances and then assess where we are standing as human beings. First and foremost, even after the universal declaration of human rights people still don't know the basic definition of human rights. The irony is we hear about the violation of human rights almost every other day in the news, but we never bother to try and learn about them a little bit more. In this article, we will cover all the areas about human rights that you need to know and then you can judge yourself on the need for human rights protection.

Human rights

Simply put, human rights are the set of rights that every human possesses just because he or she is human. It is a set of moral entitlements that everyone in the world gets by being born as a human. Equality, freedom of speech, right to own property, marriage, education and many others are the basic rights that come under the category of human rights.

Now, the question is, if human rights is just the fancy term used for basic rights then what’s all the fuss about? We leave it to you to ponder on this.

When was the concept of human rights generated?

Moving on, you must be thinking about how this concept of human rights is generated. Well, it is not clear in history when and how this concept came into existence because when we see history it is full of brutality against slaves and the poor. However, as the world was progressing there was a need to come up with something that gives equality to everyone, and that something is human rights. It ensures that every human can live a life of dignity and a life that is worthy of living.

Are human rights being respected?

On December 10th, 1948 universal declaration of human rights was documented in the vision to protect the basic rights of every human without any cast, color, or creed. Unfortunately, it was not enough.

Even in the world conference on human rights 1993, it was confirmed that “human rights play a crucial connection between international peace and security within the larger context of democratization and development.” But still, many nations have no regard for them.

“Numerous reports, compiled by the United Nations (UN) and various human rights organizations, have cited gross violations of human rights in Africa, especially within the context of internal armed conflicts. In light of this scenario, the question of whether or not a right to humanitarian intervention exists has become even more pertinent." - Kithure Kindiki, "Gross Violations of Human Rights"

Not just in Africa, there are many other nations where human rights are ignored as if they don’t exist. Ongoing wars in Palestine, Syria, Ghaza, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Ukraine are the biggest examples of human rights violations. Well, wars are known to violate human rights, but some developed countries like China are openly abusing Uyghur Muslims’ basic human rights without any legit reason. North Korea is named the worst country to live in because of its isolation and repression. Its leader is known to maintain fearful obedience in the population through execution, imprisonment, and enforced disappearances. When we are talking about human rights violations, how can we forget to include atrocities that Kashmiris are facing by the Indian army?

So, we are asking again do you really think human rights are being respected as they should?

Be the voice of every victim

If you want to raise your voice against such oppression and want to do something on the individual level then IYAMUN is the right platform for you. Organized by Model United Nations at IYAMUN you will have the chance to act as the representative of your country and experience diplomatic talks to find the solutions to the most pressing matters the world is facing including human rights violations. So, don’t wait, register yourself now to be the voice of every victim out there facing suppression and tyranny.

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