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How public speaking can alter your life

Importance of public speaking

We often heard that public speaking is something that’s the top of confidence, and there is no denying the fact that it helps in building your personality at so many levels. Whatever your goal is, being able to speak in public is the final shot you have to achieve your goal. No matter what your career choice is, you need to be eloquent to be able to get what you want from others. Especially, if your dream is to be a diplomat, lawyer, or motivational speaker then public speaking is the key thing you need to master.

IYAMUN- A platform to hone your public speaking skills

Even though public speaking holds extreme importance, we don’t get the chance to learn this skill easily. However, if you are here then you are in the right place. With IYAMUN you won’t just be experiencing the outer world, you would participate in panel talks, and you will give various verbal presentations throughout the conference. So, naturally, you would get a learning environment where you will polish your communication skills.

Career growth

Public speaking skills are an indication of your confidence, leadership potential, creativity, and critical mindset. These are the attributes that any employer wants in his/her potential employee, so public speaking skills could act as a turning agent in your career.

If you have something to add in your CV related to this like speaking at some kind of conference or event then it could stand out in your CV among others. In this case, the more known the event the better. As IYAMUN is a competitive and well-perceived event, as a participant you can imagine how good it would be as an addition to your CV.

Enhance confidence

Confidence is the key to achieving anything or everything in life. Now, you may be thinking, what's the point of mentioning confidence here? Though it is clear as day that public speaking and confidence have direct relation, age is the key point here.

According to the study of North Carolina cooperative extension people aged 9-18 who participated in public speaking programs have more confidence overall compared to the people who didn’t.

Broaden social network

Public speaking allows you to communicate at a grand level where you introduce yourself and your potential to all the listeners, which is an excellent way to broaden your social network. However, the key point here is engaging and interacting with your audience after your speech. This way you will have the chance to get to know their perspective. Moreover, it would be a fresh way to exchange ideas.


There are many areas where you can excel just by being able to speak to an audience. So, as a student, it would be better for you to participate in events, seminars, and conferences to build up the experience that you need to be the driving force of change in the future.

Here we go again, but we can’t restrain ourselves from mentioning the IYAMUN here because we know and we want you to know that it is once in a lifetime opportunity to get the experience that will help you develop the set of soft skills which will be helpful for you in every aspect and at every stage of life.

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