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Explore Baku while having a lifetime experience with IYAMUN

You may be thinking we are going to explain all about IYAMUN in this article as it is on the IYAMUN website and this conference is going to be held in Baku, but you are wrong here my friend. Whatever you need to know about the conference is available on the website, so go check whatever section you want to check. Here, we are going to tour Baku in our imagination.


So, first of all, we all already know that Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, but did you know anything else apart from it? We are pretty sure you didn’t, but no worries we are here for you to tell you all the amazing stuff that you can enjoy while being in Baku.

Mermaid City

First and foremost, do you know Baku is the only city in the world that exists beneath sea level? Ok! Ok! We know that there are other cities like Malay or Amsterdam as well which are below sea level, but they are not entirely below sea level and of course, they are not as deep below as Baku is. It is 92 ft below sea level. Isn’t this crazy?

Oil everywhere

Secondly, you may know that Azerbaijan is an oil-producing country, but you wouldn’t know that more than half of this oil comes from Baku. In fact, it is the place where oil was first discovered and it is the place where Russians built their first oil factory in the 18th century.

Building crazy

Third- despite the building craze you would find in Baku which gives it the modern vibe that makes you believe that it is a recent country without any rich background. However, in actuality, Baku is almost 5500 years old, in fact, historians and archeologists found indications that show the stone-age present in Baku.

Sneak peek of Roman trade routes

Fourth- you can find yourself walking on the routes in Baku where Romans traded once. So, Baku is the perfect infusion of modernization and history. If you are a fan of historic stuff then Baku is the place for you as it is thriving with its rich history.

Fireeeeeey Mountain

Fifth- if we are talking about Baku then how can we forget to mention the living miracle Yanar Dag- the burning mountain? This mountain is burning for God knows how long. There are multiple legends about how they started burning, but the only scientific and plausible reason is the presence of natural gas there that is keeping it alive.

Old City

Sixth- Old city Baku is, you can say, a historical nucleus of Azerbaijan. It is also the first site in Azerbaijan that is recognized as a historical and cultural heritage by the UNESCO world heritage site. It is dated back to the 7th century, so it is definitely a must-visit place.

Little Venice

Seventh- Little Venice Baku Boulevard is a little replica of Venice, Italy. This is the perfect destination for those who want to experience a little bit of Europe and Asia in one place.

Long story short, Baku is downright amazing. Especially if you are one of those people who want to discover and explore then it is the perfect destination for you. As a student, it is difficult to travel and explore the world without affecting your studies and risking your career. But what it, you have the chance to attend something helpful for your future, that helps you grow as a person, great for your skill set, and above all let you enjoy a foreign trip in this bustling history-rich city? So, think about it because such opportunities don’t come often. IYAMUN is the chance for you to have each and everything on a single platform. So, we highly suggest you avail it and explore, learn, grow, and change with us.

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