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All About Model United Nations (MUN)

A little overview

Model United Nations is an extracurricular activity for students under which they approach international organisations and play the role of ambassador for their country and the context of many UN committees. MUN activities develop the overall personalities of the students. From their skill of public speaking to their interaction abilities in the international community, MUN provides the opportunity for the students to develop their soft skills. Over the years MUN has organised several events on both national and international levels all over the world intending to bring together bright young minds to have a better world and better future.

Simulation of United Nations

Model United Nations (MUN) is all about finding the solutions to real-world problems while imitating the procedures of United Nations protocols. Key protocols of the UN include negotiations, debates, and discussions, so MUN simulation is based on all these things to give first-hand experience and ideas to the students about working in the UN.

It enables students to find their hidden potential, gives them the confidence that their words hold power, and helps them in getting rid of their pesky fear of public speaking. Model UN aims to educate every student about international relations, diplomacy, current affairs, and the UN agenda.

Working of MUN

As a participant in any MUN conference, you will represent your country as a diplomat in a simulated session of the UN committee. Under MUN rules of procedures, participants can stimulate UN bodies. As a diplomat of their own country or any other country, they will research the solution to the pressing problems of that particular country.

By various means including public speaking, debates, and negotiations the participants will create documents called draft resolutions. Once they are ready they will be voted upon and discussed by the committee. A successful delegate is the one who introduces an idea and makes it through every stage to the draft resolution which is passed with a majority successfully.

Reasons to join MUN

If you are one of those people who want to discover the world and be a game changer then MUN is the platform just right for you. Few reasons are fit to convince you that your next adventure should be a learning experience with MUN. So, here you go;

Intercontinental friends

To be honest it is hard to select the term that could be used to describe the opportunity you get to befriend your peers all around the world. So, if you are a social bee or even if you are not you can have the right exposure that you need to get to know others and make friends from all over the world.

Boost your confidence

Speaking for yourself is a bit different from speaking for your country and its people. This action requires a lot of courage to speak in front of an international audience. So, MUN provides you an opportunity to overcome your fear of public speaking and help you grow as a person.

Knowledge of current affairs

The best thing about joining the MUN community is you get the chance to learn about the international issues, challenges the world is facing, and most importantly, their solutions.

Personal growth

Being able to speak at an international level for your country is a huge opportunity that not only helps you in building your CV but also helps you grow overall. One of the best attributes that you would get is the leadership skills that you can only get with the right exposure.

Fun experience

Last but not least is the fun you can have while attending the conference. You can experience the diversity of culture, you can explore the host city, and above all, you will carry the memories that will be with you forever.

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