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Committees & Topics at  IYAMUN, Baku 2022 

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United Nations General Assembly - Dual Delegate


Agenda: Strengthening & Protection of Human Rights in Conflict Zones Globally

Human rights violations are at the root causes of conflict and insecurity which, in turn, invariably result in further violations of human rights. As such, action to protect and promote human rights has inherent preventive power while rights-based approaches to peace and security bring this power to efforts for sustainable peace. The human rights normative framework also provides a sound basis for addressing issues of serious concern within or between countries that, if left unaddressed, may lead to conflict. 

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Agenda: Economic and Political Crises in Sri Lanka

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The current economic and political crisis in Sri Lanka has devastated its people; the crisis is nuanced by rising inflation and country-wide protests around the Sri Lankan state. 500,000 Sri Lankans have fallen into poverty in the last six months  alone. Access to food, energy, fuel and safe drinking water has become increasingly hard, culminating in a healthcare disaster. This committee will look into how it happened and how the Sri Lankan government lost all of its money.

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