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On the Cross-Roads of Meaningful Trans-National Dialogue

We are a youth-led organization working to educate, train, and empower the global youth of today to best tackle the global challenges of tomorrow. Based in the two of the most distinct international cities, New York and London, we are truly a diverse team. This initiative has organically grown from a group of youth leaders brought together by their common vision to engage this generation of youth to be a part of the solutions for our collective global issues. We believe that the involvement of the youth in the achievement of sustainable development goals of the United Nations is not merely a gesture of inclusivity but ultimately a fundamental step towards the realization of a world that is sustainable, resilient, and inclusive. Therefore, we have formed an alliance of like-minded youth leaders to help expand this goal by:

1. Educating the youth on the importance of youth engagement:

Educating the 1.8 billion young people of today is an essential investment to attain a brighter future. We have all stood witness to how educating the youth can contribute to driving social, political, and economic changes across the world. We believe that young people do constitute a tremendous and essential asset worth investing in.

To promote a space for youth to expand their education and immerse in practical learning skills, we have curated/cultivated a platform to train the youth on global diplomacy, negotiation, public speaking, and engage in simulation conferences of the United Nations. We aim to nurture a generation of youth who are not only bound by a firm conviction to change the world for better but equally well equipped to deliver such changes.

3. Empowering them to assume leadership roles to ultimately become the “Global
Leaders of Tomorrow”:

Educating, training, and empowering our youth today is an investment we are making today for a future that is sustainable, resilient, and inclusive. We firmly standby and uphold this vision of the UN Youth strategy which highlights “that it is only by engaging and working with the youth, supporting them in standing up for their rights and creating the conditions allowing them to progress and play an active role, that the international community will be able to achieve peace, security, justice, climate resilience and sustainable development for all.” In this light, we look forward to uplifting the continued spirit of youth to shape our future.

2. Training them to creatively engineer solutions for the challenges of our world:

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